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Apitherapy – in Sweet Drop Apiary

Antioxidant Properties of Bee Pollen and Bee Bread

In recent years, a lot of data has been published on studies of the antioxidant [...]

Dietary Properties of Pollen and Bee Bread

In Lithuania, food has been used as a therapeutic and prophylactic tool in the rich [...]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bee Bread

Bee bread is a fermented mixture of pollen, honey, and saliva that bees store in [...]

Bee Pollen and Bee Bread in Apitherapy

Bee pollen and bee bread are both products of the beekeeping industry and are used [...]

Bee Products and Liver Diseases

Bee products, such as honey, propolis, and royal jelly, may have beneficial effects on liver [...]

Benefits of Bee Products

Bee products, such as honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly, have numerous health and [...]

Beehive Air Apitherapy

Apitherapy is a therapy that uses beehives and bee products including honey, propolis and royal [...]

Happy Easter


March Works in the Sweet Drop Apiary

March is the month of awakening of bees. The temperature at the beginning of March [...]

We Support Ukraine

In the face of war, Sweet Drop apiary supports the Ukrainians. We are with Ukraine [...]

Bee Products and Their Uses

Bee products are a natural food, they contain substances necessary for life. The material secreted [...]

Worker Bees

Worker bees are the smallest in the bee family, they are females that do not [...]


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has estimated that 71 of [...]