Hello, I’m the third generation beekeeper Eligijus. My grandfather, my dad was beekeepers.

All my life I have been interested in bees and their breeding.

I am learning all the time and expanding the “Sweet Drop” apiary.

You can find out how I am doing by following the blog news.

I look forward to your comments, questions and remarks.



Honey Bee
Chief Bee Officer

beekeeper helper

“Sweet Drop” apiary honey is a product of national quality!

Sweet Drop apiary is a beekeeping farm certified according to the national agricultural and food quality system. This means that the quality of bee products intended for human consumption exceeds the safety, animal and plant health, animal welfare or environmental requirements of European Union and national legislation. Due to the use of certain beekeeping methods, these products have special characteristics.

The process of their production and / or processing is distinguished by its naturalness, nutrition and environmental aspects. Limited use of protection measures, no use of environmentally harmful plant protection products, extensive rearing methods.

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“Sweet Drop” apiary – Certified beekeeping farm!

When we beekeeping and extracting honey, we observe all hygiene requirements of the Republic of Lithuania, we use only stainless steel tools and honey containers in our activities, and we are registered in the Register of Food Management Entities of the State Food and Veterinary Service. We are given an identification number – 520002172. Also we are inspected annually by the responsible / controlling authorities.