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Happy Easter


March Works in the Sweet Drop Apiary – We sow Phacelia

March is special for both beekeepers and bees. This is the beginning of a real [...]

March Works in the Sweet Drop Apiary

March is the month of awakening of bees. The temperature at the beginning of March [...]

We Support Ukraine

In the face of war, Sweet Drop apiary supports the Ukrainians. We are with Ukraine [...]

Bee Products and Their Uses

Bee products are a natural food, they contain substances necessary for life. The material secreted [...]


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has estimated that 71 of [...]

December in the Sweet Drop Apiary

December is the quietest month for bees and beekeepers alike. Our bees are in their [...]

Yellow Sweet Clover – Melonotus Officinalis

Leaves – Alternate, trifoliolate, stipulate. Stipules to 5mm long, subulate. Leaflets with petiolules. Center leaf [...]

Phacelia Tanacetifolia

Phacelia is a genus of about 200 kind plants. Phacelia tanacetifolia is an annual and [...]

November in the Sweet Drop Apiary

November is a quiet month in the apiary: as the days shorten, activity within the [...]

October in the Sweet Drop Apiary

October is a month of transition: as the days grow shorter and cooler there is [...]

September in the Sweet Drop Apiary

Already at the end of summer you can notice changes in the hive’s life, the [...]

August in the Sweet Drop Apiary

August is a quieter month for the bees as in many areas the summer flowers [...]

July in the Sweet Drop Apiary

In July our colonies should be at maximum strength to take full advantage of the [...]

June in the Sweet Drop Apiary

June should be a beautiful, sunny month with plentiful forage to help our colonies build [...]

May in the Sweet Drop Apiary

May is usually a delightful month for beekeeping, with orchards, hedgerows, and gardens in full [...]