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Articles About Sweet Drop Apiary Recipes

Happy Easter


We Support Ukraine

In the face of war, Sweet Drop apiary supports the Ukrainians. We are with Ukraine [...]

Bee Products and Their Uses

Bee products are a natural food, they contain substances necessary for life. The material secreted [...]

Honey – Glazed Almonds

Honey – Glazed Almonds from Sweet Drop Apiary Spiced nuts are usually baked, this stovetop [...]

Honey – Lemon Spritz

For this recipe use raw and natural honey from Sweet Drop Apiary. Slap the verbena [...]

Chile and Habaneros Pepper – Infused Honey

Chile and Habaneros Pepper – Infused Honey Honey will never expire. The acid content is [...]

Yellow Sweet Clover – Melonotus Officinalis

Leaves – Alternate, trifoliolate, stipulate. Stipules to 5mm long, subulate. Leaflets with petiolules. Center leaf [...]

Honey Shelf Life

How long does it take for honey to spoil? A few months? A few years? [...]

Propolis or Bee Glue

Propolis or bee glue is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva [...]

Mead Production Recipe

“Sweet Drop” honey is suitable for this method. Yeast preparation: The yeast and a little [...]