Lease Beehive in the Center of Europe

Conservationists are seeing a steep drop in bee populations around the world. This not only impacts the ecological balance, it also affects the profession of beekeeping. We developed a business idea to preserve the profession and protect the bees. Companies can lease bee colonies from beekeeper, which are then tended to by professional beekeepers.

Bees don’t need a lot of space. Thirty bee colonies can live on 500 square meters of a field just a few meters behind the house. Bees reproduce quickly. But the more bees there are, the more beekeepers are needed to ensure the bees’ survival. Amateur beekeepers would be quickly overwhelmed. Beekeeping is currently quite trendy, but what happens when this is no longer the case? Less than one in 100 beekeepers in Germany is a professional, in Lithuania we have some situation. We are trying to create stability again. Not only for beekeepers, but also for bees.

I’ve been beekeeping for over 10 years, and found the plight of the honeybee is a complicated problem that needs to get solved soon. I’m sure man has created the mess and I’m sure we can someday fix it. As for me, I trying to do my part and keep as many healthy hives in a non – toxic environment as possible.

But now we need to expand and increase the number of bees. This of course takes money to build hive bodies and frames from wood and purchase bees from other beekeepers before they go into the crops for pollination. I have numerous locations away from pesticides used in large crops, and they have an abundance of wildflowers and planted gardens. This makes for a great tasting honey and one hive can pollinate up to 4 kilometers, helping the local gardeners as well.

What is special about this concept is that you or the companies get to keep the honey made by their own bee colony after it has been processed. Customers select size of jars and we labels them with individual or our designs. Unlike normal beekeepers, the aim is not to produce as much honey as possible. Instead, the goal is to keep the bees in an environment appropriate to their species and to protect them from the Varroa mite, a parasite that weakens the insects’ immune system. And even if the mite cannot be completely eradicated, expert beekeepers know at least several methods to control its spread.

How it works? – I match you or yours company with a new hive, place that hive in a healthy environment and YOU get ALL the high quality pure raw honey. I do all the work!

You or your Companies can rent one or more bee colonies from Sweet Drop Apiary for a minimum of one year for yearly minimum fee of 150 euros.

Pure raw honey is one of the best foods on the planet, and its healing properties are well known throughout the world. But remember honey in stores is almost always cooked and loses all that healthy goodness… like overcooking vegetables. With me I can keep you going with more than a year supply of honey. Even stop Eating SUGAR, or you can give it away as gifts come Christmas 30 kg. Also you can add your own label to a great honey jar. People love it! Just think of it, you can own a beehive and all of its honey making skills, while being 10 kilometers or 1,800 kilometers away.

Select the most appropriate option

25 €
1,2 kg. Jar of pure, raw, healthy honey.
Estimated delivery - May
Shipped to your door.?
A minimum of 1,2 kg.
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50 €
1,2 kg. Jar of pure, raw, healthy honey.
Estimated delivery - May
Shipped to your door.?
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150 €
I will match you to a new hive. You will receive all of its honey production.
Estimated delivery - July
Shipped to your door.?
A minimum of 20 kg.
But up to over 40 kg. or more.?
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