Royal Jelly benefits

Royal jelly was initially advertised for its rejuvenating effects (De Belfever, 1958).  Royal jelly, taken orally for 1-2 months by swallowing or letting it melt under the tongue in doses of 200-500 mg a day, is said to act as a tonic and stimulant, with a euphoric effect on healthy humans. Users declared that it had solved most of their health problems.
In addition to these indications, users declared that royal jelly had solved most of their health problems. In many cases these were chronic or recurring disorders, for which other treatments did not lead to the desired results, so that the effects obtained by taking royal jelly have been considered “miraculous”.
It must be emphasized that these claims are unconfirmed by any scientific studies or documentation. There is no proof that the effects are exclusively or even mostly attributable to royal jelly.
People who have taken royal jelly said that they soon experienced a feeling of general well-being, i.e. an effect on their physical output (resistance to fatigue), intellectual performance (greater learning capacity and better memory) and on their mental condition (greater self-confidence, feeling of well-being and euphoria). In other words, royal jelly appears to act as a general stimulant, improving immune response and general body functions.

Internal Use


External Use

Tonic Skin conditions
Stimulant – physical performance, better memory, learning capacity and self-confidence Epithelial stimulation and regrowth
General health improvement Anti-wrinkle
Anorexia Sebaceous secretion (fat secretions of skin glands) normalized
Increased appetite
Skin conditions
Sexual desire and performance
Increased resistance to viral infections
High blood pressure
Low blood pressure
Cholesterol levels
Chronic and incurable disorders

A list of properties, benefits and improvements attributed to royal jelly quoted from personal case histories and non-scientific literature.